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Social Media Posting, Review Response and Reputation Management. Done For You!

How would your practice change if you never had to worry about online reviews again? Your online reputation is constantly at risk, and the internet makes this a bigger challenge than in the past. Your reputation affects your practice in more ways than you can count. One unhappy patient or colleague can smear his or her discontent across your entire potential client base in just a few minutes.

We combat this using our Manage, Monitor and Build approach.

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Medical professionals know how devastating a negative rating, review, or malicious comment can be to their career. We make this problem go away.


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Ray Renbelt, MD

“I have used MD Reputation Management
Solutions from the first day I opened
the practice and got ahead of competition in no time”

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Custom Review Portal

We fix negative ratings and reviews online

Asking your patients to review your clinic is the best way to improve your online reputation, and we make it easy for them to do just that. Our simple-to-use custom review platform makes it easy for your most loyal patients to leave their feedback to your review sites. This solution increases positive reviews while pushing down the negatives on key rating sites and drives up your review ratings towards a perfect 5 stars.

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Reputation Dashboard

All your reviews, all in one place

Our solution is full service, which means you don't have to do a thing. Our team uses the dashboard to monitor your review sites each day and provides responses to all reviews and requests to dispute slanderous reviews.

The MD Dashboard allows your office to see every review in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

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MD Presence Builder

A strong online presence is key!

Having an effective online presence requires you to be in a number of places:

Owned Media: Your website, blog, landing pages, and more
Earned Media Review sites, search engines, legal-specific sites listings directories, and more
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+
Paid Media ads on search engines, Pay Per Click, etc.

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On Site Kioks

In Office Review Kiosk

Gather patient reviews and feedback directly from your office, and let your patients do the work for you. The kiosk can be configured to immediately publish the positive review to your website and review sites while forwarding any negative feedback directly to you so that you can resolve the issue while it is still hot. The text of the interface is customizable to match the look of your office as is the kiosk itself.

The solution increases positive reviews while pushing down the negatives on key legal sites and drives up your review ratings toward a perfect 5-star rating.

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100% Full Service

We do it for you!

With a single point of contact, your office's reputation and social media are always covered. We do all the work of requesting reviews from your patients. We also respond to any new negative reviews to appropriately defuse the situation and build customer goodwill. We manage social media accounts, developing an active social presence for you and responding to client support inquiries posted on Facebook and Twitter.

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MD Social Pro

Stay on top of Social Media mentions

More than 51 percent of Facebook users and 81 percent of Twitter users expect a response to an online complaint within one day. With that kind of pressure, medical professionals need a way to instantly hear about what their patients are saying to them online. That's where we come in!

We monitor what patients are saying about you on Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter. We can also upsell, interact, build and engage, and respond to patient service inquiries. Our focus is on building a fan base, conducting patient service, and generating leads.

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Medical Damage Control

Control Bad Reviews and Rip Off Reports

Your MD office's search engine results are your online reputation-whether right or wrong, current or outdated, truthful or malicious. Critical Ripoff Reports, articles, blogs, outdated news, and inaccurate reviews can appear instantly and remain in the top search engine ranks for years. You have only a few seconds online for your office to outshine the competition and make a great first impression.

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Reputation Reports

An Instant Snapshot of your Online Visibility

Invaluable reports for your office are rolled into actionable analytics, which can be printed for your weekly meetings or emailed to management. You’ll be able to see which office member had the most online mentions, how many new positive reviews you recieved for the week, and much more.

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Schwarz Medical Center

Using MD Reputation Management Solutions from the first day we opened the office and we got ahead of our competition in no time.

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Our Mission

It's what we do, and we are experts at it.

Our mission is to develop outstanding reputation solutions for the medical professionals that promote the true value of MD offices, with results that impact the bottom line.

MD Reputations was founded in 2012 by medical professionals and online reputation managers who recognized the need to defend medical professionals in the uphill battle these offices face. The difference between our company and others is that we have been there. We have dealt with these same issues, and we know how to fix them by improving your practice's reputation, repairing its already negative feedback, and defending against future online negativity. Our program will increase traffic, increase revenue, and increase CSI, which increases the overall bottom line of your practice.

Our core focus is on Reputation Management. That's all we do, and we are experts at it.


Skinz Cosmetic Surgeons

Using MD Reputations Managament Solutions from the first day we started and got ahead of our competition in no time.

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100% Risk Free! No Contract. No Payment Details Taken.

Do It Yourself

  • Reputation Dashboard
  • Custom Review sites
  • 24/7 Review Site Monitoring
  • Social Media Mention Tracking
  • Ripp-Off-Report Monitoring
  • BBB monitoring
  • Monitor Employee Social Media Accounts
  • Reputation Indicator
  • Web & Email Notification & alerts
  • Weekly & Monthly Trend Cloud Reports
  • Reputation Scores & Grading
  • Presence builder listings Platform
  • In office review kiosk
  • Individual Review Management
  • Competition Compare & Analysis
  • Post & Share Reviews
  • 24×7 Customer Support

FULL Service

<< Includes all DIY features plus:
  • Solicit Patient Reviews
  • Custom email review teamplates
  • Office Listing & Location page    Management
  • Online damage control defense
  • Employee Defamation Protection
  • Promotion Collateral
  • Monitor Social Mentions
  • Forward Social Leads
  • Respond to Online Reviews
  • Respond to Social Media Support Inquiries
  • Monthly Reputation Audit
  • Dedicated Support Rep


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